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We are a hunger and homeless prevention agency providing a hand up in time of need. Among the services we offer:

     • Case Management
     • Budgeting & financial counsel
     • Food pantry
     • USDA food
     • As funds are available:
             rent, motel, utility, medical &
             prescription, bus & gas vouchers
     • Transitional Housing for homeless
             women & women with children
     • Work force development
     • Free income tax prep
     • Mail service
     • Adopt-a-Family for the holidays
     • Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter
             distribution events


Changed Lives

Family Assistance Ministries Provides Food

FAM has been providing hunger and homeless prevention services in South OC since 1999.
11 staff, 14 Board members, and 140 weekly volunteers give of their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Most people don't want to come and ask for help. It can be humbling, scary, and intimidating. Typically by the time someone arrives at FAM's door, they've been through VERY challenging and difficult times. 

One senior, who we'll call Sally, who arrived at our door was sobbing and holding an eviction notice. Sally met with a case manager who began to run her financial numbers to create a budget. The case manager notice that she owned her mobile home but had not paid her HOA for 7 months. Noticing she COULD afford the nominal monthly fee, the case manager asked what was going on?

Sally sobbed again as she explained that her 40 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer seven months ago. Of course, her money, her thoughts and emotions were all directed at trying to save his life. 

FAM's case manager called the Homeowners Association, explained the situation and offered to have Sallly come to FAM each month to pay her bill and we would match it. This way she could be caught up in 3 months but better than that, Sally would be back in the habit of paying her bills. They were delighted to accommodate Sally. Sadly her son did pass away but today Sally has a roof over her head. 


• An average 3,600 HUNGRY people seek assistance at FAM each month

• 46% of these clients are CHILDREN under the age of 18

 ALL clients meet with their own case manager and help creating a budget in order to begin making the tough decisions needed to regain self-sufficiency

• Last year FAM redistributed over $1.7 million worth of FOOD and personal care items

Over $118,000 in client aid in the form of bills paid to service providers CHANGED LIVES of those on edge in our community because of the GENEROUS SPIRIT of our DONORS, VOLUNTEERS, and PARTNERS!

How does FAM helps our clients?

   -  138 households with $43,550 in rental assistance
   -  41 households with $9,426 in interim motel assistance
   -  174 households with $25,748 in utility assistance
   -  109+ households with $19,361 in transportation assistance
   -  over $43,000 in assistance to seniors

 An average of 60 homeless women and women with children are housed and provided life skills and HOPE through Gilchrist House FAM's Transitional Shelter. (see Get Help for more details)


February 2015 Newsletter

“I have an electronic engineering degree and 20 years experience in computer maintenance. But with the recession, I could find only part-time work. Last year business really slowed down, and I was laid off. I immediately started looking for another job. I carefully watched all my spending...”

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January 2015 Newsletter

“Hello Santa, I write this letter in desperation. I worry about Christmas this year. I’d like it to be different. “My children worry because we don’t have money for gifts or even enough to pay the rent. I wish they could forget about that and just be happy. My oldest is such a good boy. He understands what we’re going through. He needs shoes to play soccer at high school, but he never asks us for anything..."

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December 2014 Newsletter

“We’re so very grateful to you, for the friends of Family Assistance Ministries. We had just enjoyed a family dinner and were coming home late. I was driving. My husband Jamie sat next to me, and four year- old Jamie Jr. was in the back seat. Thankfully, each of us was wearing a seatbelt....”

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October 2014 Newsletter

“Steve made a career change, more entrepreneurial with greater opportunities for income and advancement. Things came together even better than we expected. But then with the sluggish economy, everything stopped cold. We could no longer pay our rent. The landlord graciously let us out of our lease without any penalty....”

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September 2014 Newsletter

“Please join me and hundreds of others at FAM’s 27th Annual Hunger Walk, in San Clemente on Sunday afternoon, October 19th at 12:30 pm. It’s always such a meaningful time. Great community-building event for a GREAT cause! Not only will you be helping us make an impactful statement for all to see, but by joining you’ll be helping to feed hungry people...”

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August 2014 Newsletter

“I was feeling desperate and hopeless. I knew I had to find a job. But I had no idea how difficult that would be. I wanted to use my education in psychology and my volunteer experience with recovering addicts. I considered jobs in retail, but the cost of childcare would take my whole paycheck. Still, I kept at it, looking and applying everywhere....”

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July 2014 Newsletter

What do you do when your mother, the only parent you have ever known, suddenly dies? This young family—three siblings—turned to FAM. Because of you, they have found much hope and help. “Mom was always happy and talkative, in spite of being disabled the last ten years of her life....”

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June 2014 Newsletter

Every morning, 77 year-old Norman was there at a local coffee shop, having a hot cup of java, in friendly conversation with the regulars. Tina was a regular too. “I’d see Norman all the time. He would be warming up with his coffee and we’d often talk. It became apparent to me that he was living in his car, although he never mentioned it. So one day I asked him...”

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April 2014 Newsletter

“Everything started going downhill when Josh had a serious motorcycle accident. Since then, he gets spells that incapacitate him and panic attacks. He’s tried to work, but can’t with his unpredictable symptoms. Without his income, we lost our home. We stayed with friends, but that didn’t work out. The three of us ended up living in our van. Much of the time we just parked it somewhere on the street until we were told to move. It’s been really rough..."

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March 2014 Newsletter

“I was concerned for my young son’s mental health. My husband had been abusive. Life with him became really awful. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know anything about government social services or any other help. We were desperate. So my son, Devon, and I left him. I figured that living in a car was better than being in constant danger. We were homeless. What a nightmare it turned out to be! It was very hard on Devon...”

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February 2014 Newsletter

“I can’t thank you enough. I’ve learned to love myself again.” Christine’s story has warmed our hearts. She’s the kind of person we’d all like to help...not wanting to be dependent, but self-sufficient, to give back. All she needed was a loving “hand up.”

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January 2014 Newsletter

You are a member of a wonderful family that cares for people in need … right in our own community. We are all grateful for you! Because of you, FAM is enabled to step in when neighbors are in crisis, to lead them to hope and prevent homelessness. Thank you!

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